Review: Chris TyK, 'Overexposed'

by David Eagles @Yieldedman

Transparency, when done right, is a good thing.

People get to see the ups and downs, trials and triumphs, and, ultimately, the listener gets to see GOD glorified as victory by HIS hand is the end result. 

Sadly, being transparent has now become an excuse for individuals to put their issues on display. Citing the incompletion of the work that the LORD has started.

Dope segue: Chris TyK, an Ohio native, presents a five-song EP entitled Overexposed.

Somewhat of an ode to transparency, good and bad. With the use and abuse of social media and other platforms, the beauty of transparency has been lost in its inauthenticity, all for likes and follows. Overexposed speaks to that end.

What I enjoy about this EP are its imperfections.

Production isn't bad, but mixes and masters, as well as performances and execution, all leave a little to be desired - which is both somewhat challenging and refreshing.

Chris, while offering social commentary, doesn't hesitate to include himself in the mix in stating his dependency and hope in what GOD alone can do.

Chris TyK has a ways to go with refining his gift/talent, but his presentation and willingness to be open and honest in his music is a blessing and encouraging.

Check out Overexposed below and let us know what you think about it in the comments!

Stand out track:

Insomniatic DayDreamz

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