Album: Coop | 'Unveiled'

by Eric Boston @EricBoston3

Ministry Over Industry member, Coop announces debut album 'Unveiled'

Oklahoma City, OK - Don’t let age fool you. Seventeen year old emcee and producer Coop is without a doubt one of the brightest young talents within Christian Hip Hop. 

Beginning with the song “Run It” that was featured by Rapzilla at the age of sixteen to the string of singles released during 2019 (Uncle Drew, Lavish, Obi Wan, One of One) - CoopyTrill has earned recognition across the genre.

Building with artists such as Dillon Chase, NXTMIKE, OnBeatMusic, Lael Turner, Jarry Mana and more has allowed Coop to prove his place within the independent CHH scene. Now with the release of ‘Unveiled’, he is set to show that the future is certainly in good hands.

“My debut album, ‘Unveiled’, peels back the layers to who I am,” Coop explained. “As the introduction to my career, it explores many different styles and topics surrounding my life and influences.”

‘Unveiled’ released on December 6, 2019 across digital music platforms. Get streaming options here: or listen to the album via Spotify below:

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Album Details:

Artist - Coop
Title - Unveiled
Release Date - December 6, 2019
Production -  OnBeatMusic, Kourageous Music, 100graham
Features -  Dillon Chase, Jarry Mana, Lael Turner, Drew Weeks


Uncle Drew
All My Life
Help Me
Lavish II
Obi Wan
Story Time, Pt. I

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