Pacaso Ramirez Drops 'Sparxx Gotta Fly'

by Eric Boston @EricBoston3

Blood Related Entertainment announces the release of their newest project 'Sparxx Gotta Fly' by Pacaso Ramirez

After carefully crafting his opus over the last five years, Ramirez is now sharing it with the world.

'Sparxx Gotta Fly' is 18-tracks of classic hip hop. The title for the project came from when a friend of Ramirez said: "when iron sharpens iron, sparks gotta fly." That became the album's theme, hitting on topics that encourage and help others assess their current life situations.

"As an emcee of 29 years, my goal was to speak about the things that most people don't talk about and, at the same time, provide a personal glimpse into the psyche of someone that has given their life over to Christ. Someone that is willing to go deeper than what we see on the surface."

Ramirez dropped a YouTube playlist where he broke down five tracks from the album. Check it out here:

Stream 'Sparxx Gotta Fly' now:

You can get 'Sparxx Gotta Fly' as a FREE download now via Blood Related Entertainment's Bandcamp page.

For more information, check out Blood Related's Website and Twitter.


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