Exclusive: Culture Villains x Roc Nation?

by Eric Boston @EricBoston3

They told us that it was going to be a CV summer

As the season is starting to wind down, Culture Villains are not ready to cool off just yet.

On the last day of July, we were floated this rumor about what August could have in store.

So while we have been keeping a keen eye on the release situation, Travis and the fellas dropped a bit of information into the FiveTwenty inbox that will have an impact on how possible new music will get to us.

CZAR Josh, Big Yae, and Kham will go forward having their music distributed by Roc Nation owned Equity Distribution per CV owner Travis James.

“This is a great partnership that allows CV to continue to remain independent but utilize a staff and resources that will assist in growing the reach of our music.”

Equity Distribution is a music distribution platform that enables artists to release music projects worldwide and allows them to retain ownership of their masters. The platform has partnerships with 125 digital service platforms in different territories across the world.

Culture Villains join SoRaspy (Jadakiss' label), Kingz Kounty Media Group (Jaz-O's organization), along with several other notable names in the music industry who are releasing their content through Equity.

The goal at Equity is to give artists the tools to build their brands and maintain control of their content throughout the course of their burgeoning careers. The company provides resources such as digital strategy support, in-house marketing services, synch and playlist promotion, and publishing administration for its artists.

With this announcement ahead of their upcoming releases, it is yet another step in what has been quite an eventful 2019 for Culture Villains.

The impact of this partnership is definitely something we will be keeping tabs on. For now though, we are ready for James and company to put this new arrangement to use and bless us with more high-level content soon.


What do you think of this news from CV? Which Villain are you ready for new music from? Let us know in the comments below!

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