Brett Raio Releases EP Featuring CHH Indies

by Eric Boston @EricBoston3

The seventeen-year-old singer/songwriter dropped his new project 'Early Morning' that includes names you will know.

The artist out of Maine worked with one of the culture's leaders as well as one of its newest emcees.

Ruslan, the Kings Dream founder, collaborated on the opening track "Summertime".  The track once had a different title and feel. Originally known as "Rest of My Life", the song was transformed into pop/hip-hop vibe that shares the summertime mentality. It is bolstered by a wide arrangement of instrumentation and a feature verse from Ruslan that puts the bow on top.

The two linked up to shoot a video for the single as well. Give it a look!

"Wake Up" was a last-minute addition to the project that features Montythehokage. It is a song that fits right in with the 'Early Morning' theme. "I've been sleeping, need to wake up today"

It will be fun to see what other connections and collabs Raio brings in the future.

While not technically CHH, it is easy to see that he has a place in the culture. We expect to be noticing his name pop-up on a regular basis.

Raio is dedicated to the music, those supporting it, and above all Jesus Christ.


Check out the EP below and let us know in the comments how you're feeling it!


  1. I really like all these songs,Stay is beautiful, you have a wonderful voice and i did not realise you are just 17 you have a bright future ahead of you X

  2. Just seeing this comment now, very grateful you’re enjoying the music! I hope you have a Beautiful day today, keep Jesus closest to your soul, Jesus Bless you and your family!