Review | Profect, 'Foggy Mirrors'

by David Eagles @Yieldedman

Seattle resident Miguel "Profect" Esparza clearly has a heart for outreach 

It shows in his 2017 Sheepfold Music release Foggy Mirrors. A twelve track project that shares Profect's compassion towards those who have been in similar situations to his own. 

Some of the highlight tracks from the project:

We Everywhere - As outreach is a familiar theme throughout this release, the first song on the album features nice production and better than average bars with a particularly strong second verse. Profect reminds of the necessity to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere.

Foggy Mirrors - The title track from the project leaves a bit to be desired. It's a good idea but misses, somewhat, in its execution. As with most of the songs on this project, the content is good, but the working parts aren't always cohesive.

2 Piece ft. Jus Josef - One of the things about Foggy Mirrors is that the project, overall, is mixed and mastered extremely well. This holds true for the track "2 Piece", featuring a nice verse from usual Profect collaborator Jus Josef. The production and hook are a bit dated, which takes away from what could be a very strong single.

Reflections - This track impressed me, as it's written from the perspective of a father to his son, similar to instruction David left for Solomon in 1 Kings 1. The production is strong and the chorus encouraging, but some of the baby talk cadences in some parts take away from the overall strength of this record. A video-worthy tune.

Taking Flight - This one starts off strong, reminiscent of LeCrae's "Jesus Muzik" smash from a few years back. The song quickly falls off, however, as the energy of the production is not matched by the verses.

Not Holding Back - One of the more live performance tailored records on the project, "Not Holding Back" is sure to be a fan favorite due to its energy alone.

What I'm Worth - Quite easily one of, if not the strongest, record on the album. The chorus vocals are beautifully done and the verses are much more cohesive. The production leaves the '90's early 2000's feel the dominates a lot of this project to offer a glimpse of what Profect is capable of with a little more of a musical backdrop. A very strong record.


As a whole, Foggy Mirrors leaves a bit to be desired as the subject matter throughout doesn't deviate much.

As stated earlier, Profect's heart for outreach is clear, but his ability to convey his message of outreach to those who would be his core audience needs some development. The mixing and mastering stand out on this project, but the songwriting hasn't scratched its surface, just yet.

Profect has a message and a skillset that work; 'Foggy Mirrors' reveals that Profect is full of potential that needs to be unearthed. We're looking forward to seeing stronger, more consistent projects from Profect in the future.

You can check out Profect's newly released single "Fight", available now on Soundcloud:

What are your thoughts on 'Foggy Mirrors' by Profect? Take a listen below and let us know in the comments!

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