Let the New Rap Battle Begin

by Eric Boston @EricBoston3

Fans of CHH are sure to be familiar with Christian battlers A. Ward, Loso, Saga, and Love Nindo from appearances on URL, KOTD, and more...but now the battle comes to the culture

Move aside John John Da Don, MontytheHokage is on a mission to make mommas cry as he pits some of indie CHH's top emcees against each other.

This past weekend started off as a normal beginning to a typical June, but this is 2019 and nothing can be counted out. Before the sunset on Saturday, J. Crum and Mitch Darrell had signed on the completely non-existent dotted line to face off in a war of words.

The gauntlet was thrown and our brave competitors seemingly had no choice but to accept the challenge...we all know that Monty was not going to let it go until it happened. But we're not mad about it.

The plan was simple. One beat, 48 hours to write and record your best bars.

The track chosen by MontytheDon was "Invocation" by the hip hop legend Common. I'll give him credit, Monty knows how to make decisions that will have people intrigued. There may or may not have been lots being cast as to who the potential victor would be.
Things began to move quickly, as originally reported by Monty himself:

 According to Monty, "This might be the new system." 

If so, it seems like the mastermind behind all of the mayhem is wasting no time planning the second battle. 

If we are to believe the whispers, the former Illtalian aka Thomas Iannucci has been challenged by another name changer Kody Free. If reports are true and this second head to head takes place we may be reaching, dare we say - STATUS: Kode Red.

As for "CHH Battle League I", there can only be one winner between the Villain from the Midwest and the Jedi out of the Carolinas.

Who do you have? Check out the videos below and hit the comment section to let us know who you think took this matchup.

Sidenote: Make sure to stroke Monty's ego so he can keep this up.

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