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by Mello Twine @iAmFirstLadyT

If you are living the life of a minister you have a light. 

That light should NOT have an off/on switch.

The light we shine as ministers doing music, preaching (which is low-key one and the same if you are doing it right), etc., should be shining at all times. There is no time when you shouldn't be shining Christ-like love upon those around you.

This includes at home with your spouse...oops I'm preaching.

The reason I am mentioning this is that it is obviously something that a lot of US forget.

I said, US because I sometimes forget that I am called to minister to my family before the masses and called to minister to myself before my family. It's just the way it is. We are human. But, with that being said, let's dive into what stumbling blocks we may be causing others to trip over, or worse, what pits we are digging that we may ourselves fall in.

Recently there has been an abundance of posts calling people out about their online activity. 

The only thing is, they aren't actually calling anyone out, just their behavior. This can cause a wedge to be driven between us and our brother/sister as they may feel attacked and then be led to feel shame.

Example: "Do you people not know that we can see what you like on social media?" 

This type of post is an attempt to advise people that genuinely may not know that people can see what they think is being viewed in private. I have posted a few of these type of posts. But I go to another level with it. I unfriend people who like sexual content, not because they are sinners, but because my timeline gets filled with that trash because of the "content you may like based on people you follow".

I am not with it. I am here to protect my eye gates. STRAIGHT LIKE THAT!

Now, if I am to be a minister, I really need to reach out to these people and let them know why I am unfollowing them if they are my friend.

It is our duty to hold one another accountable. I am writing this to challenge and encourage you, minister, to check your heart, filter your mind, and reach out to someone you can trust with the areas you struggle in. You are on stage even when no one is watching.

But I also want to challenge and encourage you, minister (on the other side of the fence), to be a light and reach out in love and appropriateness (men reach out to men, women reach out to women) to address the areas our brother/sister is falling victim to. You are also on stage when no one is looking.


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