The Power Of Persecution

Photo by Lukas Budimaier on Unsplash

by Mello Twine @iAmFirstLadyT

I am just sitting around thinking thoughts like I do. It dawned on me that all artists, no matter the genre, no matter the message, want to be recognized for their talent. 

God has blessed a few of us with the ability to be able to put words together and make them rhyme or the ability to string a few words in harmony with a beat and in addition to the praise factor we want others to hear our next track because it simply sounds good. It is what it is.

I wonder, though, how many artists would still do their genre of Christian music if the masses not only refused to accept it but actually would reject them in society. Or worse, if it could get them thrown in jail or killed.

I mean, really think about that. 

If grabbing a mic and rapping a gospel song could land you in jail for a lifetime or dead...would you still want to be known as a rapper? 

Would you still "pay for plays", connect with major curators, spend money on cd duplication and graphic design? 

That sure seems like a lot of extra work and money for such a grim outcome...if you are only in this for fame, recognition, and status. But on the flip side, these things are an excellent investment if you truly want the people to hear the gospel by way of your gift. Someone spends money writing and printing Bibles to be handed out for free in countries where they are banned.

If you constantly charge people up about downloading, buying or viewing your music/video online, I would challenge you to put a little more emphasis on the message being heard by those who need you, not those who can simply validate you.

In saying that, I am also advocating for quality works. If you are going to put it out, put out quality. From the beat selection to the recording process to the mixing and mastering all the way down to the graphics, videos, and promotion.

If you're going to do it, do it right.

If the song you just recorded was the last thing you are able to record because the people persecute you and throw you in jail or kill you, was it the absolute best effort you had to give?

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