Review | Hnst-T, "Pisalo Bien"

by Jon Rodriguez @jrod_718

There’s something about a PoetiCS beat that brings out the best in an emcee. 

“Pisalo Bien” is no exception. Hnst-T and BJ Maldonado brought their A-game on this track.

“Pisalo Bien” leads with the BJ’s hook and wastes no time hyping up the listener. This is immediately followed by a strong verse from Hnst-T. The lyrics and flow are on point, but the thing that struck me the most was how good it sounds.

Hnst-T’s booming baritone naturally fits well on the beat and he makes good use of his voice as an instrument, adding an extra oomph to his verse, especially in the second half. 

Now, as much as I enjoyed Hnst-T’s verse, my favorite part of this track is BJ Maldonado’s verse.

My guy SPAZZED on this track.

His flow never lets the energy drop for even a second, but the subtle switches in rhythm ensure that the verse maintains a constant feeling of motion. I could go on for quite a while about how well-written this verse is as well. The similes, imagery, and wordplay are executed flawlessly to create a verse that’s as interesting lyrically as it is musically.

I’m always excited to see a fellow Boricua go off like this.

I know I sound like I’m just hyping them up, but there really isn’t anything I find to be critical of about this song. Considering how I usually feel about trap bangers, that’s high praise.

Get this song on your playlist for whenever you need to hype yourself up and pisalo bien!

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