Introducing ToneCrafters' Newest Producer

by Eric Boston

The Houston based ToneCrafters family is growing, and we would like you to meet one of the newest members.

ToneCrafters is home to many talented artists including Messa Montana, Speez, Chans Thomas, and Yahweh Collective to name a few.

The label, operated by engineer, producer, studio manager, and CEO Calvin Venus, includes in-house songwriters, musicians, and producers as well. With this setup, ToneCrafters is able to provide a wide range of services to their artists and others as well. Having worked with artists across the globe, ToneCrafters is making a mark that goes beyond CHH.

In today's music business, creatives are immersed in a digital world to bring their art to the masses. That is why the addition of producer Christian Alexander stands out against today's landscape.

His ability as a producer is undeniable.

Aside from working with the Tonecrafters roster, he also holds production credit for artists such as Young Noah, Surf Gvng, and Eshon Burgandy.

What is unique about Alexander is that he has Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). Diagnosed at birth, the producer is registered blind.

"In a world where digital music creation is the norm, having a computer screen for visual representation of the process is essential."

Thanks to support from family and close friends, Alexander learned the skills not only to be a top notch producer, but a father, entrepreneur, and minister as well.

Originally influenced by his brother, who rapped and produced in the early 2000's, Alexander was also inspired by the work of Terry Lewis, Scott Storch and Jimmy Jam, 808 Mafia, and the great Teddy Riley. Armed with a Yamaha Motif ES6 workstation keyboard, he began going to work shaping his craft.

He has since moved on to a Native Instruments Maschine Studio drum programmer, creating both hip hop and RnB that include strong melodies. According to Alexander,

"I believe the secret to a catchy song is a strong top line, I always work on that before I lay down the beat."

His passion for impacting the world through music caught the attention of ToneCrafters management. They found a high-character producer who creates good music by any mean necessary who also is focused on honoring the Lord through his art.

Alexander has recently joined the Instagram world, and you can follow him here.


ToneCrafters has recently launched a new Production Menu that includes their products and services.

Along with Alexander and other producers, a part of that includes a new beat store. If you are looking for high-quality beats to take your music to that next level, ToneCrafters and Christian Alexander will take care of you!

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