Review | Cutright, 'Forward'

by: Darius Mullin @iamdariusmullin

“First thing’s first – I gotta give honor to God.”

Cutright truly kills every line of this song and I find very little to criticize in it. I look forward to keeping it in my personal rotation in the future.

Some of my favorite rap songs are those that take established techniques and spin them in a different way. Cutright does just that on his song “Forward.” The JustHis League emcee skillfully navigates a bouncy, attention-holding instrumental in a tone that creatively straddles both the melodic and percussive aspects of it. 

Cutright creates an engaging balance between talking about his artistry and his God, switching up his flow and cadence periodically throughout. The hook features an interest-holding combination of singing and rapping, which works really well. “I’m moving forward, I’m pressing forward, I’m moving forward.”

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