Barrcode Beats by DJ Barrcode

by: Eric Boston @EricBoston3

Roderick Barr, aka DJ Barrcode, has announced the launch of Barrcode Productions and Barrcode Beats

Along with the news has come the announcement of a new website,

Artists can find a variety of beats that come with exclusive and non-exclusive licenses.

DJ Barrcode works in a wide range of styles. From hip-hop, boom-bap, trap, R&B, pop, and even specialty beats, Barrcode Productions is the artist's one-stop shop for production needs. You can even request custom beats.

The beat store offers instant downloads which means there are no waiting or guessing games involved. Select the beat you like, complete your purchase, and receive immediate access to your track.

Barrcode Productions offers other services as well, such as mixing and mastering. All work comes with high quality, stunning results and quick turnaround times.


Contact Barrcode Beats:

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