Are You Complacent in Your Placement?

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by: Mello Twine @iAmFirstLadyT

Ok. I have contemplated writing this article for too long. I have gone back and forth between the decision to do it or not to do it and then on Sunday, I heard a message that lined up with it perfectly So here it is.

The title is "Are you complacent in your placement?" What does that even mean, you ask? Well, let me use some analogies to get your mind's wheels turning.

When we were in school, we would have been fine just being enrolled and not doing any work. COMPLACENT

However, as we all know, and some may have found out, that would get us nowhere. In fact, it would have gotten us HELD BACK! We could not simply go to school and be present for roll call and think that will be enough.

Let's jump ahead in life. For those of us who are parents (HOLLA!), if we simply popped a kid out and then left it to feed itself, change its own diapers and financially provide for its own needs, well, some of us would be in jail or worse, have to bury our child for dying of malnutrition. We can not simply become a parent and think that will be enough.

Now, let me bring this back around to our position in the kingdom. 

Are you an artist, a mime, a praise dancer, a Christian comedian, a minister.....A CHRISTIAN? 

Well, this calls for you to do something each and every day to grow in that role. We can not simply call ourselves, ministers, gospel this or that's, and think that will be enough.

If we want to reap the benefits of the calling we must invest! 

Invest our time, invest our hearts, invest in our gifts (we can all get better. No one is the best they can be.) This idea of investing includes but is not limited to spending more time with God, honing our crafts, reading the Word, fellowshipping with others, and removing ourselves from our own pedestals...

Find some people that are on a higher level than you spiritually, some that are more advanced in their gift, and some that you are higher than.

This is what I like to call your CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE.

If you have someone to speak life into you and you then speak life into someone else, we can begin to get out of the mindset that complacency is where we belong. We must do more! The kingdom does not need people walking around being mediocre. We need to invest in the same God who has invested in us!

So I ask you, in what areas of your life and calling have you been complacent? Are you willing to invest? Now is the time.

Reach out to someone today! Let's grow together!

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