FMG is Back At It

Freedom Music Group, better known as FMG has announced their return as they work on a new project for 2019.

The group that includes Trackstarz hosts Sean David Grant and DJ Jeremaya have been focused on individual projects of late. That is set to change as they recently dropped news via Trackstarz social media.

As you can see, the group is currently looking to connect with producers to partner on the project.

If you have been looking for a way to widen your audience here is a great opportunity.

FMG has their finger on the pulse of CHH and have worked their way to being some of the most recognized figures in the culture. Along with Ric Sincere, whose 2018 release 'Beyond Belief' charted in the top 100 of iTunes Hip-Hop Chart, and Miles Austin the group look to add to the success of their 'Misfits and Bangers' release.

As DJ Jeremaya put it, "The group has a passion for making face-crunching, unskippable music that sets you free."

To connect with FMG about the opportunity to produce on the new project email them at:

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