Don't Forget About Us

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by: Eric Boston @EricBoston3

I want to start this by addressing the verse that inspired the name of this collective.

When we look at Acts 5:20 it says this, "Go and stand in the temple and speak to the people all of the words of this LIFE".

A small bit of background here.

Paul and the apostles had been placed in prison. An angel appeared to release them from their captivity and gave them this instruction. When the high council came to check on these "prisoners" they found no one within the cell, instead, they were informed that the men were at the temple and teaching

Here is what was impressed on me by this account.

In the bigger picture (the Body and the Church) and the more local vision (CHH) there is a focus on "going out" and reaching the lost. This is great and exactly a part of what we should be doing. Do not go and say that Eric from FiveTwenty Collective wrote off the great commission. That is not it.

What I am saying is that I feel we have been overlooking a specific audience within the culture and church bodies.

That is the people listening to the music and sitting in the pews.

Especially in American Christianity, there are a lot of people who are struggling in their walk, feeling separated, questioning what they truly believe because no one actively engages them. They do the "right" things by showing up to church on Sunday and listening to the newest Reach Records release, but then hear a message that artists and church leaders seem to care only for people they will probably never see. 

You have seen it the same as me. Where an artist states, "I'm not trying to make music for people in the church."

To me, this is a slippery slope and clearly an audience, based on this scripture, that does indeed need attention.

We all struggle. We all need encouragement. We need to feel support.

Here is the amazing thing. We have the ability to impact this issue. We, within the realm we define as indie CHH, can deliver the message that makes the difference from someone identifying themselves as a Christian or someone who simply agrees with Biblical principles.

Have outreach as a part of your ministry. We need to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth. Also, have an intentional aspect of your ministry that looks to disciple


In regards to the staff of FiveTwenty Collective, as we discussed putting this together we wanted to be able to pour into the independent artists that chose to partner with us. From our previous interactions, we identified that as a need. We saw cases of artists giving up or moving on from CHH and we believed that they were given that initial desire for a reason. If we could be a support system that helped to carry out God's plan then we would and will do what is within our capabilities to foster that.

So if you are reading this as an artist, or anyone who aligns with what we are doing, and you feel that need of discipleship and support, reach out to us and provide the honor of being able to address that need in some way.


The youth group kids, the single mom, the 30-something father and husband who is trying to find himself, these are people who need what you are able to provide.

Stand within this culture and speak to the people the words of this LIFE! Speak to them of Christ. Speak to them of the desire to reach for greatness despite our brokenness. 

Let us not forget about the insiders.

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