Super Rumors and Those Who Believe

by: Eric Boston @EricBoston3

Ask Lebron, The Traveling Wilburys, and the family Incredible... sometimes being super is the only choice.

While CHH has its share of collectives from Indie Tribe to Panda Cafe to Culture Villains, the rare "supergroup" has yet to make its way into the culture, specifically in the independent realm.

That could possibly be changing.

The former Illtalian himself, Thomas Iannucci, has been hard at work trying to make an indie CHH supergroup a reality.

Now, this did not start on a whim. Instead, the groundbreaking began when Iannucci teamed up in a "dynamic duo" with Joe Ayinde to release the song "Illyinde".

The track is bars on top of bars that announced the return of the lyricist.

With the banner raised, 2019 could be preparing for a roots movement that reignites a "quality over quantity" approach.

For starters, how about an "Illyinde" remix that features some of the culture's best spitters? If it is up to Iannucci, that will be the beginning it seems. That aspect of the tale started with this tweet from Ayinde:

I don't know about you, but I would happily take a remix that included CHH's indie best. Check those responses for one of the artists that I recommended.

Now onto the latest out of the rumor mill...and you thought the winter hot stove was only something that applied to Major League Baseball:

The "Young Aaliyah of Rap" took on the role of JP in her response:
Shiwan, on the other hand, is down:
Phil J responded with one of those non-committal, let's see what the group does answers:

So that brings us back to Iannucci's original partner in rhyme Ayinde who had maintained radio silence through the entire conversation.

My guess, he was basking in the success of his newly released "Euphoria" EP.

However, with talks happening of the real adult variety, Ayinde reemerged with a reason (saying he needed to be on Twitter more) and a response that should have every hip-hop head rejoicing:
Now, this is not me saying that it will happen. This is not any of the artists saying its a lock. This is simply a writer strategically placing tweets within an article to use against said artists if it does not come to fruition.

Trust me fam, Thomas and I will have words if he screws this up!


Give us your thoughts! Sound off in the comments with your opinion on this potential alignment that would be enough to make LBJ envious. Let these artists know that it is something you not only support, but need.

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