FiveTwenty's Favorite Releases of 2018

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by: FiveTwenty Collective Staff @FiveTwentyCHH

2018 was a good year for CHH no matter what your preferred style is.

There was what seemed to be a large amount of new content dropping each week which made for plenty of Spotify listening time to go around. 

In the spirit of Christmas, we wanted to be able to give you a little gift.

We here at the FiveTwenty Collective began discussing what some of our favorite releases were throughout the past year and thought...why don’t we just share the discussion with everyone! So that is what we are doing. Here are our favorite releases from 2018:

Eric’s picks:

Flightschool | ‘King, Culture, City’ (EP)

The duo of Avila and Rich Colon did their thing in 2018. The Detroit based Flightschool dropped their seven-song EP in May. I really hope that you didn’t sleep on it.

The project debuted at #7 on iTunes Christian chart and featured visuals for the songs “Losses” and “Flights II”. It is packed full of energy, great writing, and banging production by Avila (who won the Trackstarz Beat Battle at Flavor Fest this year). The voices and even styles of Rich and Avila are distinct from each other, yet they complement one another perfectly.

One of the things that I love best about this project is that each song is different. While finding your lane and mastering that sound is great, projects become boring if you can’t tell one track from another. Each selection on ‘King, Culture, City’ is unique from the others. My favorite songs are “In The Wild” and “Fighter”.

There are also several great guest features including Datin, Hooseki, Arcitec, and Tray Little.

These guys are just getting started so make sure you check out ‘King, Culture, City’ while they are preparing for what I expect to be a big 2019.


Jon Keith | ‘Lost Boys’ (Album)  -  Joey Vantes | “Cloud” (Single)

The ones I feel bad about leaving out of my top three:

Messa Montana | "Feel It" (Single),  Tragic Hero | "Godspeed: Chapter 1" (EP), Thomas Iannucci & Joe Ayinde | "Illyinde" (Single), Taelor Gray | "The Love Don't Last Long" (Album), Hnst-T | "No Grave" (Single), Braek Haven | "Autumn Reign" (Album)


Nate the First’s picks:

Parris Chariz | ‘In My Weakness’ (Album)

This album opens with “Static Shock”, a song where Parris Chariz prays God will keep him off the streets. Chariz’ album is a window into his life and his relationship with God.

There are several songs where he lets you know how much he longs for that special woman in his life. “Lately” was the track that stuck out the most to me as a glimpse into the real Parris Chariz. The track was written as a result of the death of the man that helped to strengthen Chariz’ relationship with God. Through that tragedy, Parris contemplated leaving music altogether. He knew that wasn’t the move he should make though.

There are many moods on this album if you are looking for something to jam to or just listen as you vibe out.

My favorite track is “Static Shock (Reprise)” ft. MC. The reprise of the opening track starts out as a smooth vibe, then the beat changes up. The bass hits your ears. This is truly great production.

My favorite feature is “Dip Sauce” ft. Medisin. The singer lends his vocals to set a soulful vibe you can have on repeat all night.

Whether you call him Parris Chariz, Young $lick, Surfboard P, or Durga P. -- he is an artist on the come up heading into 2019. ‘In My Weakness’ will be the album that kick-started it all.


Czar Josh | ‘For Your Heart’ (EP)  -  Wande | “Fuego Remix” ft. Parris Chariz (Single)

The ones I feel bad about leaving out of my top three:

Dillon Chase | 'Joyful Loser' (Album), Eric Heron | 'Duos' (EP), Xay Hill | "My Oh My" w/ Momma's Boy & Tre'Gadd


Nate the Second's picks:

Man, I simply couldn't narrow it down to a top three and forget about choosing a clear number one. So here are my four favorite releases in no particular order:

seni. | "Arnold P" (Single)
PoetiCS & Xay Hill | "Turbo//Grafx" (Single)
Jon Keith | 'Honeyblonde' (Album)
Not Klyde | "Lil Foil 39" (Album)


So now that you have seen our top choices from 2018, what were your favorite releases? 

What do you think of our selections? Let us know in the comments below and have a great Christmas! 


Tune in next week as we make some more choices related to 2019. It is going to be fun!

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