#CHH Did its Thing | #FreeSmoovy

by: Eric N. Boston | @EricBoston3

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Treat people right. Help them out when you can. Show support in any way possible.

With all of the negatives that may surround CHH, there are still way more positives and one recent example was the culture stepping up and taking care of seni.

Think about this. What if we lost the opportunity to have another "Arnold P." to be blessed with?

For a minute it seemed like that could be a possibility, if only for a time.

In an age where technology rules everything around us, being without the most essential of tools for a creative can be daunting. It took a minute, but it eventually hit seni.

That led to perhaps the most meaningful movement within CHH of 2018. (I may just really like the hashtag so...)

No one ever wants to ask for help, especially when it includes a financial aspect. If CHH is really where the Body, the bride of Christ, resides then a brother or sister shouldn't need to ask for help.

In this case, BJ Maldonado stepped up to take ownership.

The Go Fund Me was indeed successful in purchasing a new laptop for seni. so that he could get back to creating!

seni. had this to say about the outpouring that the culture showed him,
First off, I want to thank God and everyone who felt it in their heart to give to help me afford a new laptop. I want to thank my friends, especially BJ Maldonado for being a great friend with a caring heart who made the Go Fund Me, with the help of my friends (Nat Chat). I really appreciate you all and I can't say thank you enough. I was mind blown by the support everyone showed and I was shocked that so many people gave because my cause wasn't even tragic or an urgent cause. It was just a dude who's laptop got fried. But it made me realize that it's deeper than music and I saw how many people actually believe in what I do. I know now that there's a lot of people rooting for me and that means the world. That moment I believe God confirmed that this is what I'm supposed to do. Many obstacle you encounter and you start to doubt if this is really where you need to be, but God made a way through these wonderful people and now I know for sure this music journey is wher I need to continue on. I won't take any of this for granted. Thank you everyone, not for the money, but thank you for believing in what I do.

Kudos to you CHH!

This is the type of unity that inspired FiveTwenty Collective and we couldn't be happier to see love in action.


If you catch #CHH Doing its Thing, hit us up and make sure we share the incredible things the Church does when it is walking its calling.

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