Be Wary of Your "Grind"

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by: Eric Boston | @EricBoston3

I recently read a devotional that drove home a very specific message, that specifically goes against a theme that is very present within the CHH culture.

No matter our role, the belief that we need to grind has been instilled to this generation.

Putting out consistent content for a digital audience to consume, digest, and expel as they move on to what is new week to week and day to day, this becomes a driving force for many of us. Hard work is one thing, remaining at the forefront of everyone's thoughts can be a disastrous goal.

Grinding is not the blueprint for success.

Your strength is not enough and that is what you are relying on when you grind.

I would like to share six areas of life that can most certainly be affected by a grind mindstate according to the devotional "Grace Over Grind":
  • Financial Anxiety
  • Prayerlessness
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Analysis Paralysis
  • No Boundaries
  • No Joy or Peace
Financial Anxiety is more than stress about your money situation. While the amount of money in our bank accounts is a part of our lives, the ways in which we gain that money can cause just as much anxiety as our possible lack of funds. Do we find validation in the number of downloads or streams that our content generates? If our page clicks are not rising quickly enough do we allow our brain to scramble on thoughts of what we can publish to remedy the situation because that leads to more revenue?

Prayerlessness is an area I know that I really struggle in. I used to hardly read the Word, but for more than two years now I have not missed a day of reading, mostly thanks to electronic devotions like the one I am referencing here. Prayer though...prayer is a different story. I can see how grind can play a part in missing out on this essential component of faith. The grinding mentality says that we can do it and we can make it happen. Prayer says that we cannot. That we need help.

Face it, we do.

Lack of Sleep, this is the pot calling the kettle black right here. I sit here typing this after a night where I barely rested. As the devotional points out, not all sleep is lost due to stress. Many of us lose sleep because of the excitement of what we are creating. That is my current state. The excitement of what we have started with FiveTwenty Collective has the adrenaline pumping. Our brain gets in creation overdrive. We tell ourselves that what we are making is so important that we do not have enough time to get it done so sacrificing a little sleep is surely worth it. As the Psalmist points out, "He gives His beloved sleep." We need the rest more than we need to put out a new YouTube video.

Analysis Paralysis comes as we take stock of our current situation. A state of the union is okay, overthinking, analyzing, and plotting moves can stop us in our tracks. God has a plan and if we are obedient to it then we will find success because it is Him that is working through us.

No Boundaries is a big one. Social media, technology, and a life on the go keeps us connected...all the time. You do not have to be available every minute. Learning to say "no" is something we have to be okay with. I get it, for the majority, this truly is a ministry and how can we carry out that mission if we limit our availability? What if we say "no" and that causes us to miss out on future opportunities? We must find a way to be okay with that. We must trust that He is faithful and each door that is meant to open will in His timing. Make boundaries so that the other important areas of life, such as family, do not suffer from our struggle to say "no".

No Joy or Peace is a result of being "tired, worn out, agitated, and carrying the stress of the everyday ups and downs". Do not allow yourself to be robbed of your joy. Do not have your peace stripped from you. There is a balance that is proper. Our brand can bring us joy, but not at the cost of carrying ourselves in a manner of which was intended.

I encourage all of us to rest within His perfect timing

Where we find our rest, we find our center. At that center is a commission that we cannot fulfill if our goals and thoughts are not lined up with His. YOU are CHH and you can do well...just don't rely on yourself.


If you are interested in reading the "Grace Over Grind" devotional for yourself, click on the graphic below:

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