What We Deem Acceptable

Photo by Cristi Tohatan on Unsplash

by: Eric N. Boston | @EricBoston3

Followers, streams, likes, RTs, cosigns, juice, shares, fire emojis, unicorns, and capital "ME" are the things that make the culture go 'round.


As someone much more famous than I once said, "That is not my CHH!" 

Please for the love of He who is love, let us get back on track of what all of this is meant to be about. We are to further His kingdom, not our brand. We are charged with a commission of the utmost importance...of course as long as it doesn't interfere with our pre-orders, link clicks, and post reads.

Now do not get me wrong. Using the gifts that our creator has blessed us with is okay. Wanting to provide for our families by doing so is not unacceptable. We must remember though that, no matter our motivations, we represent Christ in all things.

Saying, "it's just business bro" does not remove Christ from the equation.

When we publicly proclaim a relationship with Christ the standards are elevated. Like it or not, that is simply how it is.

There is no separation. Imagine if Christ looked at His crucifixion as "business" that was excluded from us. We would be in a world of hurt. And there is a hurting world out there that this growing culture has the opportunity to truly impact for the better.

It starts right here in the community! 

We need to build up the rest of the Body. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL but it is manageable when we are working as one as we are called to do.

There is an aspect of ego that hip hop will never be able to remove itself from. There is a big difference between confidence and simply looking out for our own interests masked in "God's will". It is a level of selfishness that we seem too willing to accept. Blurring these lines is a risk. Don't take my word for it:

Be about your business. Just make sure you are following the right model.

I am not only talking to artists within the culture. I am speaking of those who are behind the scenes working to advance the Kingdom as well.

Burning bridges, holding grudges, and looking out for self will only carry us so far in the end. 

We are in this together. I want to see YOU win. I also want to hear "well done" so I will do my best to do right by everyone. I fail though because I am broken. Good thing the Savior knows how to fix...well, everything.

Be humble. Be accepting of compliments. Be a good steward with your gifts.

There is no need to actively pursue "clout" or for throwing shade at anyone...there is a whole other culture where they are accepting of that.

This is not a rant, but more a reflection of what stands out in the current mirror of CHH. If you are trying to grow your ministry here all I am asking is that you think about what you say, do, and imply. We cannot cut ourselves off at the knees before we get to fulfill our purpose.

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