From the Inside Looking Out

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

by: Anthony Bartimioli @HnstTministries

Why do we exchange the power of our own testimony? 

If you're anything like me, then at some point you've thought about the grandiose impact that your favorite secular artist could have if they were sold out for Christ. 

For me, it was Linkin Park or Tech N9ne. As if the platform and reach they have as an artist will overwhelmingly convince sinners to repent.

Don't get me wrong. I am a firm believer that a follower of Christ should use their God-given gifts and talents to edify the Body and to glorify the Giver. Furthermore, I believe it is the power of our testimony that plays a very large role in making the Gospel tangible to the world.

All that being said, do we really think we need a celebrity savior? 

An artist to save the day? 

Let's look at one very obvious example. 

Years ago we heard of rapper "Mase" converting to Christianity. His faith wasn't widely embraced with open arms. Quickly he and his faith seemed to fade into the background. People did not convert in droves based upon hearing his testimony. 

How about on the other side? 

Let's really lift the rug for a moment. We in the community of CHH now have artists who have the aforementioned platform. We have artists like Lecrae or NF who are known on a global scale. Yet, look at the ministry, or lack thereof that seems to have come with the notoriety. 

It seems the current exchange in CHH is clout for faith. 

I digress and ask this, "Why do we not value the power of our own testimony?" 

Why do we convince ourselves that someone else's story has more impact? Are we sitting by hoping that the artist will spur the spiritual breakthrough that we neglect relationally? 

The Bible calls us to a relationship. It is in a relationship with God, and others, that His word breathes life and restoration. 

Don't misunderstand me. I think music, and words are powerful tools. However, they should not be our saving grace. 

Music that pushes you towards Christ, scripture and the church is GREAT. However, to make music the only church we attend for scripture, fellowship, and accountability is DANGEROUS!!! 

I pray that we would be bold enough to share our own testimony and live relationally with those we'd say we care about. I pray we would seek the divine appointments and discipleship that truly changes lives! 

Ultimately, I pray we would follow Christ, and not look to man for sanctification.

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